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    NLDC defeated MOE by 5:4 on March 22, 2014 played at Changjiji.


National Load Despatch Center

The NLDC is connected to the Eastern Load Despatch Center (ELDC) in the east, located in Tingtibi and the Western Load dispatch Center (WLDC) located at Malbase in Pasakha, which is also the backup control center. The information so collected will be processed and analyzed at the NLDC which will then be used for supervision, control and planning of the power system. To enable this, the NLDC is equipped with reliable and far-reaching communication network and equipment, accurate supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, faster data processing and data formatting system, and a visual display system for live data received from various locations. All future mega power plants and associated transmission substations once completed will be linked to the NLDC for effective control and management of power system. The NLDC is only the beginning in adopting Smart Grid technologies in the Bhutanese Power system operation and management.

Mission and Vision

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NLDC main equipments

  • RTU
  • SDH
  • Servers
  • External Router
    External Router
  • UPS
  • Firewall & ICCP Router
    Firewall & ICCP Router